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Overall Credit Breakdown:

  •  Class participation: 20%
  •  Midterm examination: 20%
  •  Final examination: 25%
  •  Two personal papers: 17.5% each

Class Attendance: Attendance at all class meetings is essential. Attendance will be taken at the beginning and end of all class meetings. One class may be missed without penalty. Missing two classes will result in a penalty of 5% on the overall course mark. Missing three or more classes will result in immediate and automatic failure for the entire course. Exceptions require written requests documenting suitable emergencies. If you wish your absence to be excused or to make it up, contact me in advance (if possible) or as soon as possible afterwards. Makeup will be offered at my discretion.

Participation Mark: Your verbal participation in class will be used to set your participation mark. I will note down contribution by each student to each class meeting. If you make two well informed and relevant contributions to at least half the meetings then you should score very well. These is no need to hog the discussion, and a few quiet meetings will not hurt your score. Exceptional performances may give extra credit. If you feel uncomfortable talking in a group, I will award credit for meetings during office hours, or for answers submitted in writing before the section meets.

Academic Honesty: It is expected that all material/work submitted as part of any class exercise is the actual work of the student whose name appears on the material or is properly documented otherwise. The concept of academic honesty includes plagiarism as well as receiving improper assistance. Academic dishonesty will be dealt with in accordance with university policy, and will usually result in failing the entire course.


A statement of school policy on academic honesty, sexual harassment and other matters is given at http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/Acad_Aff/policy/uniformsyllabus.html. It is your responsibility to read and adhere to it.

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