Introduction to Systems Analysis
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INFOST-340: Introduction to Systems Analysis, Spring 2017.
Meets Monday & Wednesday 11:00-12:15 in NWQ D 1885

This is a course offered in the School of Information Studies of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. See the Schedule page for a week by week guide, and the Policy page for course policy.

Catalog Description: Theories, principles, and tools for planning, organizing, assessing, and evaluating information. Emphasizes the importance of user's perspective. Covers the various stages of systems analysis and outlines the appropriate methods for each stage.

My Description: This course gives a general introduction to systems analysis for information systems. It covers the various stages of systems analysis (planning, analysis, design and implementation) and outlines the appropriate methods for each stage. It focuses particularly on the relationship of this process to broader organizational goals. Students will work in groups to complete the planning and analysis stages for a significant project and work on aspects of the design and implementation phases.

Prerequisites: INFOST 240

Course website: All schedule and course policy information is posted here, as I find D2L's content page a confusing way to present materials and deadlines. D2L will be used for group assignments so that you can benefit from its collaboration features.

Instructor: Thomas Haigh (home page) Email:

NWQ room 2588. Phone x6840 (if no answer then send email)
Office Hours: By appointment.

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