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Term Project: During the class you will be required to produce one project, the structure of which will encompass the Planning, Analysis and Design phases of systems analysis and incorporate elements of a real-world system. Details of this project are now online here. Details of the due dates for each stage are on the schedule page.

Weekly Assignments: Weekly assignments for each team are marked on the "schedule" page.

Team assignments will be made in D2L. You can share files in the group lockers and use the email feature to keep in touch. However course content will remain on this website, not in D2L.

Each team should prepare a full written answer to the assigned questions and bring this to class. The various parts of the assignment should be stapled together. You may choose to split the tasks up among group members, but it is your responsibility to bring the different parts together neatly. On the first page or on a cover sheet list be sure to give the team number and the date. These assignments will be graded and returned within two weeks.

Each team should also be ready to present any or all parts of its answer to the class. Several groups will be tackling the same assignment. Depending on the time available and the nature of the assignment I may call on several groups to present their answers in full, on different groups to present a part of the assignment, or on one group to present and others to ask questions.

 Students in other groups are expected to pay close attention, and to participate in class discussion of the work produced by the other groups. This will be a major source of the class participation credit. 

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