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Week Topic Readings/Assignments
23 & 25-JAN NO CLASS! Do remember to order the textbook.
30-JAN Introduction to course Complete the information forms distributed in class.
1-FEB Demonstration of the System Development Lifecycle None
6-FEB Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design Read Chapter 1 (the whole thing). See here for questions
If your copy did not come yet, read it online here.
Also read Paul, Lauren Gibbons. "Anatomy of a Failure", CIO Magazine, November 15, 1997. (Online)
8-FEB Weekly exercise:
Odd Groups: "New Century Health Clinic" Q1-4 (p38-9)
Even Groups : "Personal Trainer Inc" Q1-3 (p39-40)
13-FEB Systems Planning: The Business Case Chapter 2 (the whole thing) See here for questions
If your copy did not come yet, read it online here.
15-FEB Weekly Exercise:
Odd Groups: "New Century Health Clinic"
Even Groups: "Personal Trainer Inc"
See here for assignments and additional case background.
20-FEB Analysis: Requirements Modeling Chapter 3 (the whole thing)
See here for questions


Weekly Exercise:
Odd Groups: "New Century Health Clinic" (read "background" p.132)
Even Groups: "Personal Trainer" (read "background" and "fact finding summary p. 133)

Questions for both groups: Produce a fact finding plan for your group, to help in identifying system requirements. It should cover the following three areas:

(a) List at least five specific documents you would seek to collect to learn more about the needs of the organization, and what you would hope to learn from each.

(b) Make a list of the people you would interview. For each, write a paragraph on how you would approach that interview and what you would try to learn from it.

(c) Each group should script ONE interview role-play of around 4 minutes, with a named individual from the case. Model this on the dialog in the textbook (p.39-40) and make sure that it lines up with your description of the objectives for the same interview.

(d) Design a questionnaire to go to a sample of current members/patients to discover more about their satisfaction with current business operations and priorities for the for the new system. Also explain what sampling strategy you would use to administer this, and why.

27-FEB Analysis: Process & Data Modeling Chapter 4 (the whole thing)
See here for questions


Weekly Exercise: See here for DFD data modeling assignment. This runs over two weeks.

Preliminary versions of System Requirements Checklist, Context DFD and Level 0 DFD to be presented today.

1-MAR: Each group should give a short verbal description of its chosen project case study during class meeting.

6-MAR Discussion of DFD issues continues, presentation of draft Level 1 diagrams. Discussion of Phase I project issues.
8-MAR Chapter 4 continues (pages 173-178)
Weekly Exercise: present complete revised DFDs diagrams in class  (important: this includes at least two level 1 diagrams and full process descriptions). Submit final versions of DFDs, System Requirement Checklist and process descriptions for grading.
13-MAR Analysis: Development Strategies Chapter 6 (the whole thing) & also read "The Truth About Software as a Service (Saas)" from CIO Magazine, online here.
See here for questions.

13-MAR: Draft of Phase I of Term Project due

15-22 MAR)

Weekly Exercise:
Group exercise on software procurement: Chapter 6 exercises.
Also, receive feedback on Phase I.
NO CLASS (Enjoy Spring Break)  
29-MAR System Design: User Interfaces Chapter 7 (the whole thing)
Questions are posted here.

Also complete credit assignment forms for group projects on chapters 1-6.

3-APR Weekly exercise: Each group design for the Personal Trainer or New Century Clinic systems the screens and report as specified in the "User Interface Design" and "Report Design" sections of the term project.
5-APR System Design: Data Storage Chapter 8 (The whole thing)
(discussion questions here)
5-APR: Draft of Phase II of Term Project due (in class). Included graded draft of Phase I
10-APR Weekly exercise: See here. (This is basically the same  exercise required for the ERD and Data Design parts of the Term Project).
12-APR   Receive graded Phase II draft plus feedback. Also complete credit assignment forms for group work on drafts of phases I and II.
17-APR System Design: System Architecture Chapter 9 (the whole thing) & read also
Jennings, Marion K. "What Are the Basic Concepts of Client/Server Architecture", Darwin Magazine, September 2003. (online here)
(discussion questions here)
19-APR Weekly Exercise: Prepare for your group's system the diagram and discussion of system architecture as specified in the "System Architecture" part of the term project. See the Project Hints for guidance.
24-APR Systems Implementation Chapter 10 (the whole thing). See here for ch10 questions
26-APR 26-APR: Draft of Phase III of Term Project due (in class). Include graded drafts of Phase I and Phase II

Weekly exercise: Complete Phase IV for New Century or Personal Trainer using the format described in the term project.

1-MAY   Receive Phase III feedback and work on projects.
3-MAY Systems Operation & Support Chapter 11 (the whole thing) see here for ch11 questions
8-MAY Weekly exercise: Complete Phase V for New Century or Personal Trainer using the format described in the term project. Also complete credit assignment forms for group projects on chapters 7-11 and, optionally, for the last part of the final project.
10-MAY Wrap up class Help with course projects, feedback, complete course evaluations.
19-MAY Final, revised version of entire project due (no class - drop at SOIS) Submit ON PAPER and include graded drafts of Phases I, II and III as well as final versions of all phases.

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