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Credit Breakdown for Undergraduates:

  •  Midterm examination: 22.5% (closed book, in-class examination)
  •  Final examination: 22.5%
  •  Research paper: 30%
  •  Participation & possible pop quizzes: 25%

Credit Breakdown for Graduates:

  •  Midterm examination: 17.5% (closed book, in-class examination)
  •  Final examination: 17.5%
  •  Research paper: 20% (more depth required than from undergraduates)
  •  Participation & possible pop quizzes: 25% (more participation expected from grad students)
  •  3 Response papers (three pages each, less formal, based on readings and pre-circulated questions): 20%

Class Attendance (once a week classes): Attendance at all class meetings is essential. Attendance will be taken at the beginning and end of all class meetings. One class meeting may be missed without penalty. Missing two classes will result in a penalty of 4% on the overall course grade. This will lower your grade. Missing three or more classes will result in immediate and automatic failure for the entire course. Exceptions require my approval and either advanced permission or written documentation of medical or family emergencies.

If you are more than five minutes late for class you may be credited with only partial attendance as follows: 5-15 minutes late equals 1/4 class missed. 16-60 minutes late equals half class missed. Unexcused early departures will likewise incur a penalty.

Participation Mark: Your participation in class will be used to set your participation mark. I will note down contribution by each student to each class meeting. If you make two well informed and relevant contributions to at least half the meetings then you should score well. These is no need to hog the discussion, and a few quiet meetings will not hurt your score. Exceptional performances may give extra credit. If you feel uncomfortable talking in a group, I will award credit for meetings during office hours, or for answers to discussion questions submitted in writing before the section meets. Just showing up in every class does not get you a passing mark for participation.

Short quizzes may be introduced if student participation in class suggests unacceptably low levels of preparation.

Homework policy: In addition to the term research paper, homework consists of doing the readings each week, making notes on the material presented there, and preparing answers to the pre-circulated discussion questions. Keep these notes, and use them to prepare for the exams.

Response Papers (graduate students only): See the Assignments page.

Term Paper: See the Assignments page.

Exams: The midterm examination will be held in-class during the assigned session. The final examination will be held in the time and place assigned by the university. No make-ups or alternative arrangements will be possible. Exams will focus on the readings and lecture material, primarily areas explored in the weekly discussion questions.

Textbook: None. All readings for the course are available online. Those not made publicly available by their copyright owners are distributed under fair use provisions, and are only available to registered members of this class.

Academic Misconduct: This course is subject to the University's Academic Misconduct policy, which can be found on the web here. Please read it carefully. Any evidence of plagiarism on the assignments or cheating on the examinations will be punished with a grade of 'F' for the entire course. This includes handing in a paper for which you have received credit in another course (even if it is your work), handing in someone else’s paper or a portion of their paper, or failing to acknowledge (cite) your sources.  We reserve the right to run your work through anti-plagiarism software.

I find that students are often confused about exactly what is allowed in terms of quotation. Sometimes they think it is OK to cut and paste a few sentences from public sources. It isn't. Directly quoted material not placed within quotation marks or indented is also plagiarism, even if you do include a citation. A good explanation of this is provided online here. Please read it.

Some required statements from the University Administration:

Complaint Procedures: Students may direct complaints to the head of the academic unit or department in which the complaint occurs. If the complaint allegedly violates a specific university policy, it may be directed to the head of the department or academic unit in which the complaint occurred or to the appropriate university office responsible for enforcing the policy.

Grade Appeal Procedures: A student may appeal a grade on the grounds that it is based on a capricious or arbitrary decision of the course instructor. Such an appeal shall follow the established procedures adopted by the department, college, or school in which the course resides. These procedures are available in writing from the respective department chairperson or the Academic Dean of the College/School. A more detailed description of the grade Appeal Policy may be found in UWM Selected Academic and Administrative Policies, Policy #S-28 and UWM Faculty Document #1243.

Participation by Students with Disabilities: If you need special accommodations in order to meet any of the requirements of this course, please contact me as soon as possible.

Incompletes. A notation of "incomplete" may be given in lieu of a final grade to a student who has carried a subject successfully until the end of a semester but who, because of illness or other unusual and substantiated cause beyond the student's control, has been unable to take or complete the final examination or to complete some limited amount of term work. An incomplete is not given unless you prove to the instructor that you were prevented from completing course requirements for just cause as indicated above.

Drop /Withdrawal/Repeat Policies: UWM Academic and Administrative Policy S-19 details the Drop/Withdrawal/Repeat policies a student may drop a full-term course(s) through the end of the eighth week of classes.

Various other official policies covering this class, including but not limiting to those on religious holidays, sexual harassment, and accommodation for military service, can be found at http://www4.uwm.edu/secu/SyllabusLinks.pdf.

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