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This schedule is provisional, and will remain so. Readings will be added and removed, and topics may be rescheduled. Due dates for assignments will not change, however.

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Date Topic Readings
25-JAN Introduction & Welcome


1-FEB 1: Organizational Cultures & Subcultures
(Discussion questions here)

Van Mannen, J. (1991) "The Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland." In Frost, P.J., L.E. Moore, M.R. Louis, C.C. Lundberg and J. Martin (eds.): Reframing Organizational Culture. London: Sage, pages 58-76. (password)

Morgan, Gareth (1997) "Ch. 5 : Organizations as Cultures" in Images of Organization. London: Sage, pages 119-138 only. (password)

8-FEB 2: IT and Organizational Culture
(discussion questions here)

Wailgum, Thomas. "Toyota's Big Fix: An IS Department Turnaround" CIO Magazine, April 15, 2005. (password)

Ullman, Ellen. (1997) Close to the Machine, pages 17-27 (password) and 95-121 (password).

Coupland, Douglas. Microserfs (Regan Books: 1995), chapter 1 (pages 1-42) Read it on-line.

15-FEB (NO CLASS) (I will be at the University of Pennsylvania for the 70th anniversary of ENIAC and the launch of my book).
22-FEB 3: Inside IT Project Work
(discussion questions here)

Edward Yourdon (1997) Death March: The Complete Software Developer's Guide to Surviving 'Mission Impossible' Projects, Prentice Hall, pages 1-37. (password)

Kidder, Tracy (1982) The Soul of a New Machine, Boston: Little Brown, pages  51-65. (password) & pages 103-118 (password)

Brill, Steve "Code Red," Time Magazine, March 10, 2014: 26-36. (password)

29-FEB 4: Case Study: Walmart and Retail
(discussion questions here)

(slides from class here)

Choice of company for personal project due.

Moreton, Bethany. "Service Work and the Service Ethos," ch. 5 of To Serve God and Walmart (Harvard: 2009). (password)

Fishman, Charles. "The Wal-Mart You Don't Know," Fast Company 77, December 2003. (online)

Girard, Kim. "How Levi's Got Its Jeans into Wal-Mart", CIO Magazine, July 15, 2003. (password)

Lundberg, Abbie. "The I.T. Inside the World's Biggest Company", CIO Magazine, July 1, 2002. (password)

Manjoo, Farhad. “Walmart’s Evolution from Big Box Giant to E-Commerce Innovator,” Fast Company, December 2012. (online)

Dudley, Renee. "Walmart Faces the Cost of Cost-Cutting: Empty Shelves," BloombergBusinessWeek, March 28, 2013. (online)

Banker, Steve. "Amazon vs. Walmart: E-Commerce Vs. Omni-Channel Logistics," Forbes online, October 4, 2013. (online)


7-MAR 5: ERP and Integration Issues
(discussion questions here)

Graduate Student Response Paper #1 Due

Anonymous, "Executive Guide: Enterprise Resources Planning," Darwin Magazine, 2002. (password)

Koch, Christopher. "The Integration Nightmare: Sounding the Alarm", CIO Magazine, November 15, 1996. (online)

Davenport, Thomas H. "Putting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System," Harvard Business Review 76:4, July-August, 1998. (password).

Binstock, Andrew. "ERP Gone Bad: Lessons from Real-World Failures," InfoWorld, November 16, 2010. (password)

Utzig, Carter et al, "ERP in the Cloud," Strategy&, 2013. (online)

14-MAR SPRING BREAK - NO CLASS Enjoy the break.
21-MAR Midterm Examination

Given in class.

28-MAR 6: Big Data and The Cloud
(discussion questions here)

Davenport, Thomas H. "Competing on Analytics," Harvard Business Review 84:1, January 2006, 98-107. (password)

McAfee, Andrew and Erik Brynjolfsson. "Big Data: The Management Revolution," Harvard Business Review, October 2012. (password)

Schwartz, Mattathias. "The Whole Haystack," The New Yorker, January 26, 2015. (online)

Levy, Steven. "Google Throws Open Doors to Its Top-Secret Data Center." Wired magazine, October 18, 2012. (online)

4-APR 7: Google - A New Kind of Organization?
(Discussion questions here)

Gleick, James. "How Google Dominates Us," New York Review of Books, August 2011. (password)

Levy, Steven. "Don't Be Evil." Ch. 3 of In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Out Lives. Simon & Shuster, 2012. (password)

Vaidhyanathan, Siva. "Google's Ways and Means." Ch. 2 of The Googleization of Everything (and Why We Should Worry), University of California Press, 2011. (password)

11-APR 8: Working in the Information Society
(discussion questions here)

Progress and Source report for project due.

Carr, Nicholas. "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" The Atlantic, July/August 2008. (online). Bonus: Estes, Adam Clark. "Google is Making Us Stupid and Smart at the Same Time?" The Atlantic Wire (online)

Florida, Richard. "The Rise of the Creative Class," Washington Monthly, May 2002. (online)

Heller, Nathan. "Bay Watched: How San Francisco's New Entrepreneurial Culture is Changing the Country." The New Yorker, October 14, 2013. (online)

18-APR 9: IT in the Age of Globalization
(discussion questions here)

Graduate Student Response Paper #2 Due

Friedman, Thomas L. "It's a Flat World, After All." New York Times, April 3, 2005. (online)

Selections from Brynjolfsson, Erik & McAfee, Andrew. The Second Machine Age. W.W. Norton & Company, 2014. Chapters 5, 7, 9, 10 & 11. (password)

25-APR 10: Case Study: Bitcoin
(discussion questions here)

Davis, Joshua. "The Crypto-Currency: Bitcoin and Its Mysterious Inventor." The New Yorker, October 10, 2011. (online)

Popper, Nathaniel. "Can Bitcoin Conquer Argentina?" The New York Times, April 29, 2015. (online)

Malmo, Christopher. "Bitcoin is Unsustainable." Motherboard (Vice.com). (online)

Harn, Mike. "The Resolution of the Bitcoin Experiment." Medium.com, January 14, 2016. (online)

2-MAY 11: Information Technology Careers
(discussion questions here)

Optional -- Submit draft of project for feedback.

Snyder, Bill. "The 6 Hottest New Jobs in IT," InfoWorld.com, March 7, 2016. (online) & Snyder, Bill, "The IT Job Party Can't Stop, Won't Stop For Certain Skills." InfoWorld.com, November 19, 2015. (online)

Robert Half, "2016 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals," RobertHalf.com (online)

Widdicombe, Lizzie. "The Programmer's Price," The New Yorker, November 24, 2014. (online)

9-MAY 12: The Future of Work
(discussion questions to follow)

Graduate Student Response Paper #3 Due

"How a Radical Shift Left Zappos Reeling," Jennifer Reingold, Fortune, March 15, 2016. (online)

Dan Lyons, "My Year in Startup Hell," Fortune, April 1, 2016. (online)

"The Future of Work: There's an App for That," The Economist, January 3, 2015. (password)

12:30-2:30 pm in NWQ G544


Final Examination

Deadline for final paper.

This is a DIFFERENT TIME AND DAY from the regular class, as specified by UWM rules(http://uwm.edu/registrar/students/final-exam-schedule-information/spring-final-examination-schedule/). Also a different place, which is unusual.

Bring the final paper to the examination with you

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