691: Organizational Informatics
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691 (16446): Organizational Informatics, Fall 2006.
Meets Wednesday 5:30 to 8:10 in Bolton Hall 521.

This is a course offered in the School of Information Studies of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. See the Schedule page for a week by week guide, and the Policy page for course policy.

Official Description: This course examines the organizational context of information systems and information technology. Topics include: uses made of information technology in different kinds of organization, the characteristics of various information-related roles within large organizations, organizational cultures and subcultures, the organizational complexities of information systems projects, knowledge management, and career-related issues in the information systems field.

Dilbert illustrates the strangely persistent organizational gap between IT staff and non-technical managers. From Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle, Harper Collins, 1996.

Prerequisites: Undergraduates should have completed the first two Information Architecture courses (240 and 340). Having taken the database course (410) would be a distinct advantage.

Course Website: www.tomandmaria.com/691

Note: in future semesters, Organizational Informatics will be offered as a regular course with its own number, 675. This will be its last semester as a 691 course.

Instructor: Thomas Haigh (home page) Email: thaigh@computer.org
Bolton Hall, room 582. Phone x6840 (email is generally better).
Office Hours: Monday, 11:00-12:00 & Wednesday, 4:00-5:00

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