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American Business & Management

Spring 2001

Thomas Haigh

Colby College
Miller Library 312, phone x3535

Office Hours: 
Tuesday, 4pm-5pm
Wednesday 1pm-2:15pm
and by appointment


This course is intended to provide a broad perspective on American business and management through consideration of the ethical, financial, organizational, and economic issues that managers face. Some topics normally covered in a principles of management course will be introduced -- for example, organizational structure, human-resources management, and marketing -- but the course will emphasize how the entire American business-economic system works. The importance of competition and the achievement of competitiveness will be stressed.

On This Site


Week by week guide, including links to pages for individual sessions.


Course Policy pages, including breakdown of marks.

What's New:


Makeup options for class participation posted.


Preliminary list of key topics form the first two parts of the course likely to be useful in the course-wide part of the final examination.


The actual questions from the first midterm are posted, in case you want to review this in preparation for the second.


Last year's midterm has been posted, to give you an idea of what the format will be like. Here is the second midterm from last semester -- the overall format will be similar, but with a few less multiple choice and a few more short answer. Detailed knowledge of the contents of the additional readings will be required, and the longer questions will ask you to be a little creative in applying some of the ideas.


The project assignment has been updated.


PowerPoint presentations covering the most important points from the textbook readings have been posted for each session.


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