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Term Project

Assignment: Here is the project assignment. Read it carefully and keep referring back to it as you work.

Preliminary Project Report: Due 22 Apr. Counts for 20% of project mark.

Please include:

  1. A summary of the projected contents of your paper -- the most important questions you are addressing, the planned structure, etc.
  2. A list of the things you have done so far.
  3. Your planned schedule for completing the project.
  4. A list of sources you have identified. (These are specific documents, not just "New York Times" or "SEC").

Keep it fairly short. Email (plain text or Word) is fine, as is handing in on paper.

If you have a draft of part of the paper ready and would like feedback then please attach it. However, this is not required at this stage.

Project Choices: Click here to see the companies that are already taken and to verify that your choice has been recorded correctly.

Information Sources: I've posted a few suggestions of places to get information. This is not intended to be exhaustive, but should help you get going. 


Home Week by Week Course Policy Term Project Admin Sci@Colby

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Term Project