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Answers to the question can be used to makeup for lack of class participation. It is quite open-ended. Follow the same general instructions as for the first paper -- in particular, try to have a thesis. On the other hand, because of the nature of the assignment you will also want to make sure you show a good understanding of the idea from the reading. An excellent answer may be worth as many as 12 participation points (about half the amount needed for full "quantity" credit). This would be about 8 pages long, and would examine at least 4 of the techniques or technologies.

If you have another idea for an assignment, check with me to see if it is suitable. If you need some participation points, but not that many, then it may also be possible to make a special arrangement.

Question: How have changes in the technologies and techniques of information processing altered the way in which American corporations are managed? Why have new approaches often failed to produce the desired results? Techniques and technologies for possible discussion include the telegraph, early office technology, the computer, cost accounting, MIS, data warehousing, e-commerce, ERP and knowledge management. You don't need to cover all of these, but the best answers will include several and make interesting comparisons between them.

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