ISYS 210-001: Database Management Systems

Spring 2001

M,W,F 11:00am- 11:50 am, Rush Building, Room 205



Thomas Haigh

Office: 334 Logan Hall, 249 South 36th Street (University of Pennsylvania)

Office Hours: Monday 11:15-12:00 & Friday 10:00-10:45




Hints on final examination posted. (01-Jun)

Individual final project report forms posted will be distributed in class, submit one by email if you miss it. (01-Jun)

Project page now updated to include submission information. (01-Jun)

Course session list is updated use this is see topic for revision before the final. (01-Jun)

Model answer for assignment 2 is on-line. (25 May) Alternative answer using a fewer tables also ready. (29 May)

Example SQL now covers subqueries, view and aggregate functions (22 May)






ISYS200 (Systems Analysis I) or Permission of Instructor


Text Books

*      T. Connolly, C. Begg, and A. Strachan, Database Systems, 2nd ed., Addison-Wesley, 1998.

*      K. Loney and G. Koch, Oracle 8i: The Complete Reference, McGraw - Hill, 2000.


Course Objectives

The course aims at providing fundamental concepts and practical techniques of database management systems. Topics include


*      Database Management System concepts

*      Entity Relationship Model (and translation to database schema)

*      Relational Model (and relational algebra)

*      SQL (Structured Query Language) and its use in Oracle

*      Principles of good database design