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Week 1


Orientation Session

Alter, Chapter 1


 Business Before the Computer


Discussion Session


Part I: Business Processes and Technology

Week 2


Early Computing Alter, Chapters 2 (all)
Alter, Chapter 3 (pages 85-94)

Haigh, Thomas. "Inventing Information Systems: The Systems Men and the Computer" (On-line)


Business Processes


Discussion Session


Week 3


Case Study: Wal-Mart

Alter, Chapter 2 (pages 94-118)

Hammer, Michael. "Reengineering Work: Don't Automate, Obliterate," Harvard Business Review 64:4, July-August 1990. (Oncourse)

Davenport, Thomas H. 1995. The Fad That Forgot People. Fast Company 1 (1):70. (On-line)


Business Process Reengineering


Discussion Session


Week 4


Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) & Integration

Anonymous, "Executive Guide: Enterprise Resources Planning," Darwin Magazine, 2002. (Online)

Koch, Christopher. "The Integration Nightmare: Sounding the Alarm", CIO Magazine, November 15, 1996. (Online)

Davenport, Thomas H. "Putting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System," Harvard Business Review 76:4, July-August, 1998. (oncourse), also without graphics (Online)

Bass, Alison. "Cigna's Self-Inflicted Wounds", CIO Magazine, March 15, 2003. (Online)

Koch, Christopher. "Enterprise Software Upgrades: Less Pain, More Gain," CIO Magazine, November 15, 2002. (Online)


Perspectives on Automation

Discussion Session


Part II: Managing Information / Informing Managers

Week 5


The Information Concept

Alter. Parts of Chapter 3 (pages 118-131 only) & Chapter 5 (201-208 only).

Haigh, Thomas. "How the Computer Became Information Technology." Unpublished Draft. (online)

Levy, Steve. "A Spreadsheet Way of Knowledge", in Tom Forester, Computers in the Human Context, MIT Press, 1991. Pages 318-326. (Oncourse)

Henry Mintzberg, "The Manager's Job: Folklore and Fact," Harvard Business Review 53:3, July-August 1975. (Oncourse)


What Managers Do
& Why It's Hard to Help Them Do It


Discussion Section


Week 6


Origins of Database Technology Alter, Chapter 4 (Background for most people)

Haigh, Thomas "A Veritable Bucket of Facts: Origins of the Database Management System" in Proceedings of the Second Conference on the History and Heritage of Scientific and Technical Information Systems (Information Today: Medford, 2003). (Online)

"Executive guide: Data Warehouse", Darwin Magazine. (Online)

Paul, Lauren Gibbons. "Anatomy of a Failure", CIO Magazine, November 15, 1997. (Online)

Villano, Matt. "Data Gets a Makeover", CIO Magazine, October 1, 1999. (Online)


Data Warehousing

Discussion Section


Week 7


Knowledge Management Berkman, Erick. "When Bad Things Happen to Good Ideas", Darwin Magazine, April 2001. (Online)

Davenport, Thomas H. "Saving IT's Soul: Human-Centered Information Managment," Harvard Business Review, March-April, 1994. (Oncourse)

Orlikowski, W. J. (1992), "Learning from Notes: Organizational issues in groupware implementation," In J. Turner & R. Kraut (Eds.) CSCW'92 Proceedings of the conference on computer-supported cooperative work (pp. 362-369). New York: ACM Press. (Oncourse)


Knowledge Management Case Studies

Discussion Section


Part III: Careers, Culture, and the Computer Department

Week 8


Midterm Examination

Alter, Chapter 13


Security Issues
Guest Lecture: Mark S. Bruhn
IU Chief IT Security and Policy Officer & Associate Director Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research

Discussion Section


Week 9


(no class) Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, "What Holds the Modern Company Together", Harvard Business Review, November-December 1996. (Oncourse)

Van Mannen, J. (1991): The Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland. In: Frost, P.J., L.E. Moore, M.R. Louis, C.C. Lundberg and J. Martin (eds.): Reframing Organizational Culture. London: Sage, 58-76. (Oncourse)

Glaser, Perry. "The Gulf Between", CIO Magazine, January 15, 2000. (On-line)


Organizational Culture and Computing

Discussion Section


Week 10


The Information Systems Department & IT Careers

Guest Speaker: Rebecca R. Hendricks of Mirror Consulting

Alter, Chapter 11 (to page 458 inclusive)

Ingevaldson, Paul. "It's Not Your IT Portfolio -- It's Theirs", CIO Magazine, November 15, 2002. (Online)

Datz, Todd. "Portfolio Management - How to Do it Right", CIO Magazine, May 1, 2003. (Online)



The Information Systems Department & IT Careers part II

Discussion Section


Week 11

10-Nov The Information Systems Department & IT Careers part III
Guest Speaker: Steve Ehrlich

Alter, Chapter 12
& last part of Chapter 11 (page 459 onward)

Connelly, Julie. "Youthful Attitudes, Sobering Realities," New York Times, October 28, 2003. (Oncourse)


Why Projects Fall Apart

Discussion Section


Part IV: IT and Strategic Transformation

Week 12


IT Careers & the Pharmaceutical Industry
Guest Speaker: John Brooks, Director, Information Technology and Management, Baxter Pharmaceutical Solutions
Alter, Chapter 6


Shapiro, Carl and Hal Varian, "Versioning: The Smart Way to Sell Information", Harvard Business Review, November-December 1998: 106-114. (Oncourse)


Information as a Product

Discussion Section


Week 13


Guest Lecture: The Role of Information Management at 1stBooks
Herb Senft, 1stBooks

Deadline for paper drafts to receive comments (optional)

No reading (work on papers, get a head start on next week, eat turkey)


No Class -- Thanksgiving Break

No Discussion


Week 14


Networks and Markets

Evans, Philip B, and Thomas S Wurster. "Strategy and the New Economics of Information." Harvard Business Review, no. 5 (1997). (Oncourse)


Shapiro, Carl and Hal Varian, part of "Ch7: Networks and Positive Feedback"  from  Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press, 1999. Pages 173-203. (Oncourse).


Networks and Markets II


Discussion Section


Week 15


The Productivity Paradox

Term papers due in class.

Strassmann, Paul A. "Will Big Spending on Computers Guarantee Profitability," Datamation, February 1997. (Online)

Carr, Nicholas G., "IT Doesn't Matter." Harvard Business Review, May 2003. (Oncourse)


Is IT Dead or Just Resting?

Discussion Section  


Week 16

Final Examination

10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m., Fri., December 19

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