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This schedule may change at any time. Always refer to the latest online version.

Date Day 10:00-11:00 11:00-12:00 Film (1:15 pm onward)
3-Jan-01 Thurs 1: Introduction 1 (continued) Origins of the Future  
7-Jan-01 Mon 2: The Future in America 2 contd: Inventing Science Fiction Things to Come
8-Jan-01 Tues Discussion: Heinlein, Godwin shorts 3: The Future in the 1950s  
9-Jan-01 Wed Discussion: The Demolished Man 4: The Future in Britain Invasion of the Body Snatchers
10-Jan-01 Thurs Discussion: Last and First Men 5: Cold War & Paranoia  
14-Jan-01 Mon 5: continued (Discuss Body Snatchers) 6: In The Shadow of the Bomb Them!
15-Jan-01 Tues Discussion: A Canticle for Leibowitz Discussion Continues  
16-Jan-01 Wed Discussion: Clarke, Asimov shorts 7: The Future in the 1960s Barbarella
17-Jan-01 Thurs Discussion: Dune Review Session  
21-Jan-01 Mon Midterm 8: Philip K. Dick & the New Wave Blade Runner
22-Jan-01 Tues Discussion: Ubik, Barbarella, Blade Runner (discussion continues)  
23-Jan-01 Wed 9: The Future in the 1970s Discussion: Future Shock Extract
10: Apollo and Beyond
24-Jan-01 Thurs Discussion: Man Plus Discussion: 2001  
28-Jan-01 Mon 11: Cyberpunk and the 80s Discussion: Neuromancer The Matrix
29-Jan-01 Tues 12: The Recent Future Matrix and general discussion  
30-Jan-01 Wed Class Evaluations circulated
Discussion: Ender's Game
Concluding Discussion: The Future of the Future Final Examination

Note: Sessions shown in yellow will include discussion of the indicated books or stories. Discussion questions related to these works will be available from this page before each class -- be prepared to answer them if called upon.

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