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New! On-line timeline summarizes all the major events from the readings in order of occurrence.

06-Sep Introduction Apple 1984 Video
Part I Origins of Computer Technology
11-Sep The First Computers
(questions and links here)

Computer, chapters 1, 3 & 4 (pages 9-28, 53 -104)

ENIAC Press Release - February 16, 1946.

13-Sep Computers and Business
(questions and links here)

Computer, chapters 2, 5 (pages 29-52 and 105-130)

Thomas Haigh, "The Chromium Plated Tabulator: Institutionalizing an Electronic Revolution, 1954-1958", IEEE Annals of the History of Computing October-December 2001

Edward Callis Berkeley. Giant Brains: Machines That Think (NY: New York, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1949), pages 180-195.

COMPARISON:  Punched Card Machines and Office Technology

18-Sep Military Computing

(questions and links here)

Computer, chapter 7 (pages 157-181)

Paul Edwards, The Closed World: Computers and the Politics of Discourse in Cold War America (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1996), Chapter 3, "SAGE"

20-Sep Dr Strangelove

(questions and links here)

Movie -- watch it in class

From Mainframes to Minicomputers

(questions and links here)

Computer, chapter 6 and 9 (pages 131-153, 207-229)

(Make a start on Soul of a New Machine)

Part II The Computer Gets Personal
27-Sept Inside the World of the Computer

(questions and links here)

The Soul of a New Machine. Chapter 1-3, 5, 12-13 and 15-16 
(pages 1-66, 86-110, 221-248 and 268-291)
02-Oct Loving the Machine For Itself,
The Much Discussed MIT Hackers

(questions and links here)

Hackers, Chapters 1-4

Sherry Turkle, "Hackers: Loving the Machine for Itself" from The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit (New York, NY: Simon and Schuster, 1984) – Chapter 6.

04-Oct Spreading the Dream in Silicon Valley

(questions and links here)

Hackers, Chp 8-11 (153-244)

09-Oct The Personal Computer Grows Up

(questions and links here)

Accidental Empires: Chapters 4, 7, 9 (pages 48-72 and 119-138 & 159-182)

Levy, Steve. "A Spreadsheet Way of Knowledge", in Tom Forester, Computers in the Human Context, MIT Press, 1991. Pages 318-326.

11-Oct The Microcomputer Revolution

(questions and links here)

Evans, Christopher. The Micro Millennium, Viking, 1979. Chapters 5-7, 10-11 and 15-16 (pages 72-111, 146-175 and 236-262).

Winner, Langdon. "Mythinformation", from Winner, Langdon. The Whale and the Reactor, University of Chicago Press, 1986.

16-Oct Wargames

(questions here)

Movie -- watch it in class
25-Oct  Videogames

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Presentation: Ross Freedman
Presentation: Russel Mink

Stone, Allucquere Rosanne. "The End of Innocence, Part I" in The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Machine Age, MIT Press, 1995. Pages 123-155.  (Olin reserve)

COMPARISON: Radio - Susan Douglas, "Popular Culture and Populist Technology," in Inventing American Broadcasting (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1987), Chapter 6.  (Olin reserve)

Hackers, chapters 17 and 18. (Rest of section III is optional).

30-Oct Hackers (the bad kind)

(questions and links here)

Landreth, Bill ("The Cracker") with Howard Rheingold, "Out of the Inner Circle: A Hacker's Guide to Computer Security", Microsoft Press, 1985. Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 4. (pages 1-24, 57-72) (Olin reserve)

 Markoff., John "A Most-Wanted Cyberthief is Caught in His Own Web" , The New York Times, 16th February 1995. (Front page, main section). Also Markoff, John "Hacker and Grifter Duel on the Net," New York Times, 19th February 1995.

Oder, Norman.  "Cybercrime - or hype?" , Publishers Weekly 242 (Nov 27, 1995 - n48), page 28.

01-Nov The Information Society and the Network Revolution

(questions and links here)

From Hiltz, Starr Roxanne & Turoff, Murray. The Network Nation: Human Communication Via Computer, The MIT Press, 1993. (1st ed: Addison-Wesley, 1978). The Boshwash News - a collection of pages between chapters.  (Olin reserve)

De Lacy, Justine. "The Sexy Computer", in Tom Forester, Computers in the Human Context, MIT Press, 1991. Pages 228-236. Originally published in The Atlantic, July 1987.  (Olin reserve)

Mayer, Martin. "The Videotext Revolution", in Tom Forester, The Information Technology Revolution, MIT Press, 1985.  (Olin reserve)

Winston, Brian. "The Illusion of Revolution", in Tom Forester, Computers in the Human Context, MIT Press, 1991. Pages 71-81.  (Olin reserve)

06-Nov Getting GUI: Xerox and the Mac

(questions and links)

Deadline for Project Choice

Extracts from Engelbart's 1968 JCC presentation (shown in class)

Accidental Empires, Chapters 5 & 10 (48-72, 182-208)

Part III The Internet
08-Nov The Origins of the Internet

(questions and links)

Presentation: Carter Pace


Norberg, Arthur L. & Judy E. O'Neill, "Improving Connections among Researchers: The Development of Packet-Switching Computer Networks", from Transforming Computer Technology (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996). pages 153-196. (Olin reserve)

COMPARISON: The Telegraph -- Standage, Tom. The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's On-Line Pioneers (Berkeley, 1998). Chapters 5, 6 & 9 (74-104 & 145-163). (Olin reserve)

13-Nov Networks and Places: Cyberspace and the Home Workplace

(questions and links)

Project Report 1

Presentation: Michael Ungerer, early history of the Internet

Gibson, William. "Burning Chrome." Burning Chrome, Ace Books, 1986: 168-191. (Some seems to have posted the text on-line).

Abbate, Janet. "By No Means Complete or Perfect": The Network as Experienced by Early Users, chapter 3 of Inventing the Internet (Rutgers University Press, 1999). (Olin reserve)

Nilles, Jack. "Teleworking from Home", in Tom Forester, The Information Technology Revolution, MIT Press, 1985. Pages 202-208.  (Olin reserve)

Forester, Tom. The Myth of the Electronic Cottage in Tom Forester, Computers in the Human Context, MIT Press, 1991. Pages 213-227.  (Olin reserve)

15-Nov Virtual Communities

(questions and links)

Presentation: Leif, Virtual Reality

Hafner, Katie. "The Epic Saga of the Well: The World’s Most Influential Online Community (and it’s not AOL)". Wired, Vol 5.05, May 1995, 98-142. Read it on-line.

Turkle, Sherry "Virtuality and its Discontents: Searching for Community in Cyberspace," The American Prospect no. 24 (Winter 1996): 50-57. Read it on-line.

Rheingold, Howard. "A Slice of My Life in My Virtual Community", in Ludlow, Peter (ed.) High Noon on the Electronic Frontier: Conceptual Issues in Cyberspace. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 1996. 413-436. Read it on-line.

20-Nov The World of Microsoft

(questions and links)

Project Report 2

Coupland, Douglas. Microserfs (Regan Books: 1995), chapter 1 (pages 1-42) Read it on-line.

Accidental Empires, chapter 6 (93-118)

27-Nov Electronic Music

Presentations: Dave Hauser
Zach Gazza

No additional readings.
29-Nov The Internet Goes Business

(questions and links)

Presentation: Russell McPherson -- Scuba Diving Technology

Project Report 3

Lewis, Michael. "The Search Engine", New York Times, October 10, 1999. (Condensed from his book, The New New Thing). (Sent via email).

Madrick, Jeff "Computers: Waiting for the Revolution", The New York Review of Books, March 26th 1998, pages 29-33. (Olin reserve).

04-Dec E-Commerce:
Webvan and Amazon

(questions and links)

Presentation: Greg Johnston, Future Revolutions

Time Magazine -- Jeff Bezos, Person of the Year 1999. It's online.

Hansell, Saul. "Listen Up! It's Time for a Profit; A Front-Row Seat as Amazon Gets Serious", New York Times, May 20 2001. Read it on-line.

Knowledge@Wharton (via "What Makes a Winning Net Grocer?," October 20, 2001 (there are two pages -- read both).

COMPARISON: Catalog Shopping and Home Delivery

06-Dec Free Software Movement
& Digital Ubiquity

(questions and links)

Raymond, Eric. The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Negroponte, Nicholas. Being Digital, Alfred A. Knopf Inc., 1995. It's not on-line, so read these columns instead - they're what it's based on. Bits and Atoms , One Room Rural Schools, Beyond Digital

12-Dec Project Presentations These are the final exam -- give you a bit more time to prepare!
9am -- bright and early. Location TBA.

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